The Amazing Career Project video training program will teach you how!

Are you finally ready to ditch your unhappy career, and build an amazing one? 

Many career women around the world today are used to striving hard, giving it our all, putting ourselves last and going for BIG goals. And we know what it takes to achieve them.  

But sometimes, we find that many years have 

flown by only to discover that the destination we’ve 

arrived just isn’t us at all. In fact, we’ve ended up in entirely the wrong direction from what makes us truly happy.

But where can you find expert career guidance, and a proven process to help you get where you want to go quickly

(or even figure out where you want to go now)?

The answer is right here: 

The Amazing Career Project video training program is designed exactly for this purpose - to give busy career women a simple, proven and highly effective process that helps you go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and I know how to get it!”

Combining top-level career guidance along with a powerful 16-week online video training curriculum that fits into your busy life -- you’ll finally be able to make the changes you been deeply longing for in life and work!

The Amazing Career Project.

You  want to discover your life’s purpose and soul’s mission -  and finally start doing work that really matters to you, with the flexibility, time and money that you want. 

This is for you, if...

"An amazing career isn't a destination. It's a process, a journey and a lifelong experience that changes how you interact with the world."

  • Use your natural talents in ways that are easy and fun
  • Earn more money and create the lifestyle you dream of, for yourself and your family
  • Find your true purpose in life, and be of service to others in powerful ways with your skills and abilities
  • Work hard but love it so much it feels like play

What will the video training help you do, specifically?

Instead of being stuck in work you dislike, with people you don’t respect, focusing on outcomes you don’t care about (and being exhausted by all of it), you’ll be coached and guided to new ways to…

  • Balance all your other life and family priorities more easily and seamlessly 
  • Be comfortable in your own skin, and speak up and stand up for what matters most to you 
  • Build the confidence, courage and connections to take your career to a higher level 
  • Feel proud of who you are and what you’re doing in the world, every day

Gain the confidence, courage and connections to make your career dreams a reality.

Go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and how to get it!”

Learn transformative new mindsets and behaviors that will propel you forward and open important doors.

Get laser focused on how to use your special talents and abilities--and how to make great money doing it.

What can you expect from this 16 week journey?

Evaluate all the options available to you, and learn how to make the best choice.

Achieve what you want in the most efficient, direct way possible WITHOUT costly mistakes and wasted time and money.


Leading World Expert on Happiness and Success, TED Speaker, 

New York Times bestselling author, Founder of GoodThink, Inc.

"Knowing Kathy personally, I know this - she is passionate and deeply committed to helping women build the lives and careers they dream of.  And her Amazing Career Project course is a perfect way to get the information, support, and guidance you need if you long to create more happiness and fulfillment in your work."

A terrific support team to answer your questions

Value - $4,000

A 16-week career growth curriculum, with 16 weekly training videos on the most important topics for career breakthrough. (Lifetime Access to all training material) 

Value - $10,000

A in-depth compilation of Kathy's Top Recommend Resources -- curated by Kathy as the most instructive and enlightening books, articles and other material that will help you on your path to growth and learning

16 powerful, tailored homework assignments to move you forward

Value - $3,200

Here's What’s Included in the
Amazing Career Project 
Video Training Program:

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $17,200!

15% discounts off all of Kathy's private, one-on-one coaching programs and events

Why is the 

Amazing Career Project 

a process you can trust?

Designed from 10 years of research with the specific needs of women in mind, this powerful, proven 16- week training course offers the most empowering and effective instruction today on the 16 essential steps you need to take to move from an unsatisfying career to a rewarding, thrilling one. It’s helped hundreds of women around the world reach their highest goals, and these are the very steps I took to achieve my biggest career dreams.

This process honors your whole, authentic self, and guides you on the path to finally becoming the person you wish to be, in life and work.

Finally, this is the training I needed 30 years ago but didn’t exist. If I had taken it then, I wouldn’t have wasted 18 precious years of my life on professional path that was dead wrong for me. I would have found my career bliss and gained the courage to achieve it.

And I’d be thrilled to help you do just that!

Week 1: Define Amazing On Your Terms

Week 2: See What Happy, Successful Women Do Differently

Week 3: Clarify Your Picture of Your Career Bliss

Week 4: Access More Happiness and Gratitude In Your Life Today

The 16-step Amazing Career Project Modules:


Week 16: Celebrating YOU and all your WINS!



Week 12: Build Amazing Partners, Mentors and Advocates Who Open New Doors

Week 13: Try On Your Next Move

Week 14: Plan Your Moves So They Get Powerful Results

Week 15: 9 Skills To Understand for Career Bliss

Week 5: Learn What Your Life Is Trying To Teach You

Week 6: Speak Up and Stand Up To Create What You Want

Week 7: Embrace Expansion So You Can Attract Career Bliss Opportunities and                  Maximize Them Effortlessly

Week 8: Crush Down Your Fears Into Bite-Sized Chunks

Week 9: Develop the Confidence and Boundaries to Thrive



Week 10: Identify the Best Moves to Propel You Forward

Week 11: Fall In Love With Putting Yourself Out There


You have absolutely nothing 

to lose!


If after completing the training and exercises offered in the first month of the Amazing Career Project you are not fully satisfied, simply send me your weekly completed homework assignments and you’ll receive a full refund (minus a $50 processing fee).

To learn more about this special, select course
(only 50 slots available in each session)...

Do you want personalized, direct, hands-on help to heal your life and work? Then my 16-week Amazing Career Project online course is perfect for you!

  • Communicate more effectively and build stronger boundaries to honor your priorities

  • Learn to BOLDLY leverage your gifts and monetize them well to do successful, rewarding work and play that you love

  • Overcome your power gaps to become more confident, strong, powerful, authoritative, courageous in life and work

What is the Amazing Career Project online course?

Want Hands-On, Personalized Career Help from
America's Breakthrough Coach?

Two times a year, Kathy offers a transformative life experience with her Amazing Career Project 16-week online course. Each Fall and Spring, two select groups (a maximum of 50 course members each session) join Kathy on a life-changing journey that helps you:

In her course, Kathy supplements the transformative power of the Amazing Career Project video training by offering a special LIVE teaching/training/therapeutic/coaching component to make healing and transformation as quick and easy as possible!

  • Heal the pain and trauma from the past
  • Understand how your past is affecting your present and future
  • Let go of limiting messages and mindsets that are holding you back
  • Tap into your unique brilliance and amazing talents and gifts

"Kathy Caprino knows her stuff. She's a leading thinker on women and success, and a trusted guide through the process of taking control of your career and getting what you want. Her advice and insights will help you reach the next level."

- Dorie Clark

Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, and former presidential campaign spokeswoman 

"Kathy Caprino is THE expert and my go-to person when it comes to empowering women to "dig deep, discover their right work, and illuminate the world with it.”. Her intelligent approach and compassionate nature is incorporated with the latest thinking in her Amazing Career Project. If you long to get unstuck and build the life and career you’ve been dreaming of, make this investment in yourself."


International bestselling author and INC Top 50 Leadership Expert

"Kathy Caprino is the real deal. You’ll love her mind and her heart. What she offers to career women is data driven, yet practical in its application. I have enjoyed reading what she writes and applying what she recommends. I encourage you to take advantage of this course and live the life you were meant to live.”     

— Dr. Tim Elmore

President of Growing Leaders