Special Course Support to keep your momentum and progress moving!

Designed exclusively for Kathy Caprino’s Amazing Career™ Certified Coaches, we’ve developed a powerful 6-month Mastermind Program just for you, to give you:

  • Clarity – You’ll continue to refine your visions and dreams, and get super clear on what you’re doing and why. As you hear other people’s plans and challenges, you’ll form new alliances and support relationships that help bolster and enhance your plans.
  • Accountability – You have a hundred things to do and it’s easy to let a few of them slide till next week. Or the week after. This Mastermind will keep you on track: if you say you’ll do it for next week or month, you’ll have to explain to the group if you don’t.
  • Support – Your own team of personal cheerleaders, people who utterly understand your professional journey and what you’re doing. Over the weeks, the group becomes involved and invested in each member’s goals and makes sure that no-one succumbs to the “bright shiny object” syndrome. You’ll have a place to celebrate the little triumphs and overcome the harder times. Masterminders quickly will be your biggest fans.
  • Structure – Seeing how other successful people deal with the same issues in their work-life and professional endeavors gives you powerful information and new systems and strategies to build your own success. Meeting every month means there’s time to implement and hit your goals.

Join a small, specially-selected group (limit of six members!) that aligns with your style, approach and needs!

This powerful support program will help you build on the progress you’ve made in ACC, and enhance it fully.

Why Join an ACCC Mastermind?

Mastermind 1

As we’ve learned in the this training, , there are many layers of growth, action and mindset development involved in building your happiest, most rewarding career or business.  Keeping up with your own development and expansion with juggling your other commitments can be overwhelming at times. And that’s before you’ve even made the changes you long to!

On top of that, not everyone understands what it takes to build an amazing career or build a successful new venture – perhaps you’re feeling isolated from people who really ‘get’ what you’re doing and understand the depth involved? I certainly felt that years ago when I was embarking on my own business launch.. That’s why this Mastermind will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your career.


Who will run my Mastermind?

Your Mastermind groups will be facilitated by Kathy Caprino, who’s been with you through your training – and the key steps to become a recognized and respected coach and thought leader. She understands the key challenges you’re facing and is committed to helping you reach your highest visions.


What will you get?

Your select Mastermind group will keep you on track with top notch coaching from Kathy and wonderful support from your co-Masterminders. Sometimes we all need a gentle push or advice for the tough days. And you’ll get it! Plus you’ll have happy and willing sounding boards and testers for your ideas, next moves, your personal branding material, resume ideas, LinkedIn profile, interviewing roleplaying, copywriting, website ideas, and big cheers for your first videos. You’ll also gain support for signing that next big client or landing that next juicy role.

Bonus: PLUS you’ll receive one, 30-minute private coaching consultation to help you address any key challenges or questions you’re facing, to move you forward fast.

Hidden bonus! You’ll make lifelong friends and advocates. It happens every single Mastermind group Kathy’s has ever run or been involved in.


Who will be in my group?

Kathy conducts thoughtful, meticulous screening to ensure that each group has a special mix of skills, goals and personality types, so each group is balanced, stabled and happy, and well-aligned for what they want to achieve.

What’s the schedule and frequency of meetings?

You’ll be meeting once per month for six months using a powerful online forum called Zoom, so you can literally see and hear every individual! Each call is one , to allow for everyone to share.  Meeting schedules will be decided after each group is confirmed and based on the availability of the group.

OK, I’m in!  What’s the price? 

For only $1,170 , you’ll receive 6 full months of support and progress, including:

  • Six, one-hour calls with your group (with a maximum of 6 participants), with Kathy Caprino as your facilitator
  • A powerful online support group just for your Mastermind group
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Kathy will offer you one, 30-minute private consultation call during you 6 month mastermind, , to hear all about your progress, and help with any specific challenges or issues you may have.

The enrollment window for this cycle of Masterminds begin on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016, at 10:00 am EST.  Ready to get the support you need to continue on the Amazing Career Certified Coaching path you’ve embarked on?



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The 2-installment plan will be billed $645 upon enrollment, then one more payments of $645, 30-days apart. Still got questions? Contact Kathy at Kathy@kathycaprino.com to ask your questions. See you in the Mastermind!