“I took the ACP class last fall/winter…at the end I was still in the same job but knew I was on the path to discovering what I truly wanted to be doing. I recently gave notice at my job and am beginning a new adventure in consulting and writing! I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted…and my husband says I have a “glow” about me! Hang in there ACP’ers, do the work, spend the time, it will happen!”  — Kim


“It’s only been 4 months since we “graduated” from the Fall 2016 ACP, but it seems like a lifetime! Once you go through this amazing program, you cannot “unlearn” what you discover about yourself and how you operate in the world. Blindfolds are off!” — Julia


“I’m so thankful I joined this program! Thanks so much to Kathy Caprino for all her amazing, positive, and powerful insights!” — Marianne


“Kathy, thank you for your investment in me over the last 4 months! I am so delighted in the breakthrough that I experienced in working with you in The Amazing Career Project. I enrolled in your program looking for help with my career, but the deep work that you inspired me to do each week has resulted in me being a better person! Thank you for delivering tough messages each week that challenged me to be introspective, heal the past, and step into the future whole! I’m walking away with clarity, incredible insight, and tools that continue to fuel me to develop an amazing career. Thank you for all you do!” — LaToya Wells


“The Amazing Career Project has been, well “Amazing”! I was looking for a change, but had some reservations — it was hard to admit I needed help. ACP made me realize that while there were aspects of my work I didn’t like, I was focusing on those to distance myself so that I would have a valid reason to leave. Kathy gave me the tools to identify what I didn’t like and why, which allowed me to modify my behavior and change the situation. If I hadn’t been in the ACP, I might not have seen this in the same light. Kathy, thanks for helping me regain my confidence!” – Nicole Cornell


“Thank you Kathy Caprino for such a great 16 weeks! I have really appreciated the information, support, and clarity that this program has helped me obtain. This course gave me the road map to make better job choices, career choices, and life choices. And for that I am grateful.” — Havilah Magruder Vangroll


“I recently accepted a new position in a new direction, a new industry and a new city — something I have been working toward for months! The Amazing Career Project was a great learning and soul searching experience. I want to thank all of my fellow ACP members for your shared stories — they helped me realize I wasn’t alone; and thanks to Kathy for the reminder of our amazing gifts. This program has changed me for the better.” — Adrianne Arthur


“Kathy Caprino has developed a program which systematically approaches a method for career transformation. The journey is at the pace of the individual, the steps a methodical way to reach the goal. Tools provided will last a lifetime.  Invest in yourself, you will have no regrets!” – Joni Crimmins